Chinese Cooking Techniques

Let’s take a look at some of the most common Chinese cooking techniques:

1) Stir Frying

This cooking technique is very popular in Chinese culture. Usually the needed ingredients have to be prepared beforehand because the actual cooking time is normally very quick. In most Chinese food recipes, meat and vegetables are sliced into small pieces, so they can cook at the same rate. Courgettes, spring onions, and carrots are cut at an angle that gives them interesting shapes. You need to measure out and mix all spices as well as the sauce ingredients before you start cooking.

Before adding oil, make sure you heat up the wok to a point where it is almost smoking. First, add the ingredients that require a lot of time to cook. Then, progressively add the other ingredients while stirring and tossing. Next, add the sauce. Before serving, ensure simmer the food for about a minute.

2) Roasting

Just like in the west, the Chinese also like to marinade and roast large pieces of meat over a barbecue or in an oven. These Chinese food recipes are most popular with Chinese restaurants. The marinade is very important when it comes to flavor, and usually contains five spice powder, ginger, garlic, chilies, star anise, etc.

3) Stewing

As compared to stir frying, stewing is a more leisurely cooking technique where either meat or chicken can be used. In addition, vegetables, stock, water, spices, and wine or beer can be added. The ingredients used depends on the specific Chinese food recipe. Lots of soy sauce may also be added in a cooking technique known as red cooking. It permeates all ingredients. The whole combination is then left to simmer gently. Traditionally, a clay pot was used over a charcoal fire. However, you can still achieve the same results when you use a wok or saucepan on an electrical cooker or gas stove. To thicken the sauce, feel free to add a mixture of the stewing liquid and corn flour. You can also extract the meat and vegetables, and serve them as the main course. Some people like to mix in some rice into the broth as well.

When used cooked properly, Chinese foods are both interesting and delicious. This applies to other types of food as well. There are several characteristics that can be linked to Chinese food recipes, including:

1) Traditional: There are the some recipes that have been used for many centuries or passed down from generation to generation. They have stood the test of time, despite how much Chinese cooking has evolved.

2) Complex: Some Chinese foods can take days to prepare. Although stir fry recipes are simple to prepare, making pickled vegetables can take a lot of time, for example.

3) Comprehensive: Most Chinese food recipes are well-rounded, as well as easily accessible and can be found on the internet, in cookbooks, or on TV. Several cooking schools all over the world offer courses on Chinese recipes and cooking.

When it comes to Chinese recipes and Chinese cooking, in general, visual aesthetics and aroma are very important. In order to cook the perfect Chinese dish, you must ensure that both preparation and presentation are top notch, no matter which cooking methods you use.